Export Sales Manager


Treet Group of Companies is one of the oldest business groups based in Lahore. It’s parent entity i.e. Treet Corporation Limited is the sole manufacturer of shaving blades and disposable razors in the country since 1952. Due to its unique products in the FMCG category, it needs a specialist in export sales who can sell these products in international markets. We are already present in 40 countries around the globe.

Reporting Line:

The Position Reports to Chief Operating Officer

Responsibilities Include:

An export sales manager will be responsible for generating and enhancing sales of Treet products range that consists of double edge conventional shaving blades and modern age disposable razors and systems. It will be optional to sell our 2nd range of toilet soaps, as well. He will make sure that these products are made available in the international markets by developing sales plans and strategies to get full advantage of their unique nature. Only a few manufactures of shaving razors & blades are operating in the continent.

Key responsibilities that need to be handled by him are as follows:

  • The basic and most important step is to identify new business opportunities for company brands and private labels by tapping the potential costumers from countries where we are not yet existent;
  • To make sure that all existing clients/countries are retained, maintained and developed further;
  • To plan, design, develop and implement different sales strategies by researching the customers needs and requirements;
  • To ensure that all sales and marketing activities are carried out within the agreed annual budgets, sales volume and within the given time scales;
  • To take initiative and efforts to develop constructive and effective solutions to any issues that slow down or hamper the export procedures and activities; and
  • To constantly review distributors/customers performance and monitor their work, so that relevant information can be provided to the management.

In addition to these responsibilities, he will carry out market research, conduct surveys and study the competitors and their marketing and sales strategies to combat them. He will actively participate and attend the trade shows and exhibitions to improvise his knowledge and company sales. He will even make suggestions to improve the product based on the feedback received from the customers.

He will communicate with export related authorities, commercial counselors/high commissioners, chambers of business, trade development authorities, insurance companies, customs and port authorities, legal advisors and trade mark attorneys in Pakistan and all other assigned countries while in the office.

He will maintain constant liaison with administration, production and commercial departments and keep all relevant reporting and planning systems up-to-date for smooth operations and on time dispatch of orders.

Essential Skills:

It is essential that he should have passion and flexibility to travel long distances. Sales profession demands that he has strong interpersonal communication skills to develop healthy, professional relationships with the clients and vendors demonstrated by his exceptional leadership quality. Excellent negotiation skills are pre-requisite in determining the prices and discounts for various products. Should be able to work in a target oriented work environment and prioritize work based on the given deadlines. Excellent time management/organization skills with the ability to do fast mathematical computations will be an advantage. Should be proficient in computers to maintain and update various forms of reports.

Educational Background:

With proper business/marketing education, backed by relevant experience, getting this job would be easier. Proficiency in English as a common language would definitely prove to be an added advantage while interacting with client and vendors from different countries.

Work Hours:

He may need to extend his work schedule if he needs to attend some trade shows, exhibitions or meetings or he may be required to travel on several occasions to explore new opportunities.

Salary / Unit Sales Incentive:


Career Prospects:

Growth opportunities in this field are really bright for professionally oriented export sales manager, as most of the countries are developing economically and there is an ever increasing demand for foreign products, especially basic products like ours.

Send you CV latest by March 15,2017 on sk@treetonline.com



Job Title: Assistant Procurement Manager

Reporting to: Senior Procurement Manager

Department: Packaging Material Procurement

Position Type: Full time

Education: Three year diploma in Printing/Graduation.

Experience: At least 7-10 Years printing industry experience preferably procurement/sales

 Essential Role

  1. The incumbent to know about packaging costing
  2. To take part in new vendor development.
  3. To take part in new development regarding packaging material.
  4. To take part in Quality Control related work for new development.


 To Maintain ISO documentation

  1. To make liaison with RQC regarding new developments.
  2. To send feedback of RQC to supplier regarding new development and make their visit on need basis.
  3. To liaison with production department regarding new developments issues and supplier visit on need basis.
  4. To maintain complete record of development work
  5. To send artwork CDs to supplier and follow up.
  6. To identify new vendors on cost effective basis.

Only Qualified Professional need to apply, please send your CV to “hr@treetonline.com”