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Look Better | Feel Better | Smell Better

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About Us

Treet, a flagship brand of TCL [PSX Symbol:TREET], has not only been a part of the lives of our customers in Pakistan but across the globe we have millions of satisfied customers. Generation after generation since 1954 we have delivered excellent quality with stringent checks. Our double edge blades, shaving razors & hygiene razors are exported across 6 continents making our brand a part of many households. This not only made Treet but also Pakistan a synonymous to quality products.

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Treet Manufacturing Modaraba
Treet HR Management
Treet Holding

Product Portfolio

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Treet Razors

Treet offers a wide range of top-notch disposable razors, which are designed to give a perfect and smooth shave every time.

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Treet Blades

Being the largest manufacturer of blades in Pakistan, Treet offers a wide product range of blades from classic carbon steel blades to premium stainless steel blades.

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Treet Body Razors

Treet offers purpose built body razors which provides comfortable hygiene experience. Special comb head disposable razors are designed to give you easy access to hard-to-reach areas of your body and helps you attain cleanliness.

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Feminine Razors

Treet offers a range of feminine razors that are specially designed to ensure a clean and easy shave that leaves the skin smooth and free of any irritation.