Treet Group of Companies comprises the following businesses:

1. Treet Corporation Limited [TREET]

  1. Shaving Blade Manufacturing
  2. Disposable Razor Manufacturing
  3. Export & Export Marketing
  4. Local Sales & Marketing

2. Treet Holdings Limited [THL]

  1. Motor Cycle Assembly & Marketing
  2. Modaraba Company

3. First Treet Manufacturing Modaraba [FTMM]

  1. Manufacturing and selling of Corrugated Packaging
  2. Manufacturing and selling of Soaps
  3. Manufacturing and selling of Lead Acid Batteries

4. Treet HR Management (Private) Limited [THRM]

  • Providing Workforce to Group Companies under Service Agreement and taking all responsibilities of work force and meeting allied legal requirements

5. Global Arts Limited [GAL]

  • Objective is to promote, establish, run, manage and maintain, educational institutions, colleges of arts, research, sciences, information technology and business administration; higher level schools, academics, technical training centers and such other educational institutions as may be considered appropriate for the promotion and advancement of education in the country with national and international affiliations to acquire the services of professors, associate professors, lecturers, teachers, managements skills and other professional from within the country and abroad as would be needed to run and promote educational institutions set up by the Company subject however, to the permission of competent authority but not to operate itself as a university and not to act as a degree awarding institution;

6. Society for Cultural Education  [SCE]

  • Society for Cultural Education (SCE) is a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860, and having its Registered/Head Office at, 72-B, Kotlakhpat Industrial Area, Lahore. Object clauses include to establish, construct, run, maintain and manage schools, professional schools and colleges, universities, coaching classes, offices, libraries, information centers and other institutions for imparting moral, academic and technical education to children and adults and to promote and encourage the study of all arts, sciences, culture, history and general knowledge, subject to necessary permissions from regulatory bodies, if any and to take over running business of, or affiliate with or obtain affiliation from, any universities, colleges, schools, educational institutes, information centers and/or any other institutions etc.
    Your Company, Treet Corporation Limited, is entitled to nominate 70% of the members as well as governing body of the Society. The remaining members are to be nominated by PSV (Private) Limited another Company that is being governed by Professor Pervaiz Vandal and Professor Sajida H. Vandal who are veterans of this field and renowned for their contribution towards Culture and Art.
    Since SCE comes under the definition of body corporate, SCE is a subsidiary of your Company under Section 3 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984, since your Company is entitled to nominate majority of the governing body of SCE.  However, as a non-profit entity, SCE is not entitled to declare any dividends or profits and on dissolution, its assets must be transferred to another non-profit entity having similar objectives.
    Therefore, SCE will be excluded from consolidation since it will be operating under severe long-term restrictions which significantly impair its ability to transfer funds to the parent.  As per applicable requirements, SCE (a non-profit entity) will be the sponsoring body for the University and has applied to the requisite Government Departments for approval for setting up the University, which must eventually be established through promulgation of an Act by the Punjab Assembly.

7. Treet Power Limited [TPL] – Dormant for the time being

Companies within group are strategic business units that are semi-autonomous units responsible for their own budgeting, new product / market decisions, and new venture exploration and pricing. They are treated as internal profit centers by the corporate headquarter i.e. Treet Corporation Limited, the parent company. Each SBU is responsible for developing its business strategies independently from the other businesses but these must be in tune with the broader corporate strategies. Corporate strategy (by the parent company) seeks to develop synergies by sharing and coordinating staff and other resources across business units, investing financial resources across business units, and using business units to complement other corporate business activities.

Therefore to summarize businesses of the Treet Group are as follows:

  • Manufacturing and selling blades/ disposable razors;
  • Manufacturing and selling of corrugated packaging;
  • Manufacturing of soaps and marketing thereof;
  • Assembling [and selling] of Motorcycles;
  • Trading and Merchandising – as a sole buyers, distributors, agents and / or otherwise;
  • Labor-Hire Services;
  • Floatation and control of Modarabas;
  • Manufacturing and selling of lead acid batteries;
  • Establish, run, manage and maintain, educational projects (under process); etc.

Factories / Projects:

  • Lahore Factory
: 72-B Kot Lakhpat, Industrial Area, Lahore
  • Hyderabad Factory
: Hali Road, P.O.Box No. 308, Hyderabad
  • Packaging Solutions
: Kacha Tiba Rohi Nala, 22-KM, Ferozepur Road, Lahore
  • Lead Acid Batteries
: Faisalabad Industrial City (M-3 Industrial City), Faisalabad
  • Soap Factory
: 80-K.M. G.T. Road, Gujranwala. [under Toll Manufacturing Arrangement]
  • Educational Project
: 10- KM, Raiwind Road, Lahore

Others / Future Expansion:

  • Land [12 Kanals] at Multan Road, Lahore
  • Land [18 Kanals] at Raiwind Road, Lahore


Shares held by

Treet THL GAL TPL THRM FTMM Nominee Directors
Treet Holdings Limited THL 85.93% 14.07% 0.00%
Global Arts Limited GAL 93.28% 6.72% 0.00%
Treet Power Limited TPL 100.00% 0.00%
Treet HR Management (Private) Limited THRM 100.00% 0.00%
First Treet Manufacturing Modaraba FTMM 89.85% 10.02% 0.11%