Even being a representative of the well-known brand "Maserati" on Ukrainkom. more One and only time after the purchase it stopped starting on the "hot". I want to put xenon – native light, to put it mildly disgusting. Ride, washed and clear in my head so – I want. Audi’s contagion is that the impression of permissiveness is difficult to eradicate. As the price tags were announced, I wanted more and more to accept a stronger thread, and preferably more, and preferably in between price tags. In principle, it’s normal (I have a good mileage – 280.000 km – but my own :)) Appearance: in my opinion – it does not become obsolete. The only gripe is the chronic fogging of the rear windows.In general, the feeling of a more expensive car in the cabin favors.Driving performance: a double-edged sword.Let me explain: my friend who sold me the car got on a toyota camry (spitting after the audio – no offense to the toyotovod) and less than a month has passed since it flew off the road. Oil eats up – somewhere around 100 grams per thousand. I didn’t want to leave at all. It stands like on rails. 12/28/2007 Trust in German manufacturers, both in terms of assembly quality and finishing materials. Maybe not enough specifics, but honestly – my love and my passion is my German old woman. 12/06/2007 A very successful model, especially the quad and Tronic box, a good car, I’m selling because I bought a higher class. more A friend drove for himself AUDI A6 1998 V6 2.4 tiptronic automatic transmission (separate climate, seat lift, adjustable lumbar support, ass warming and other joys of life. There are a lot of niches-drawers-glove boxes, I don’t know why everyone is needed, but there is no eyeglass case. 🙁 From time to time you have to remove the door trim and tighten the glass frame adjusting bolt (annoying). And here my comrade is ripe for sale (there are such "sick" people who cannot drive one car for more than six months – they get tired of them, you know); he knew the owner well – he always followed his "girls" to the fullest, and changed everything that was needed on time, without skimping on the original. Inside, comfort, coziness, just like at home. On the road, they are respected and less "rude". 01/04/2008 A friend brought an AUDI A6 1998 V6 2.4 tiptronic automatic transmission (separate climate, seat lift, lumbar support adjustment, butt warmer and other joys of life). Decided shorter, bought and do not regret to this day. In short, everything except quattro and leather). The black day of the calendar has become
the moment when I went to order parts for repairs (I ordered all the original – an insured event). And since the wife is also a lover of this brand – the family became manic for several days – no one talked about everyday chores at dinner, they just "washed the bones" of this beauty "and four rings" on the face 🙂 As a result, the family council decided – must have. Well, it doesn’t heel, https://cars45.ug/listing/chrysler/300 and it doesn’t skid, even knock your forehead against the wall, only the ASR icon on the panel flashes, something It does something, slows down something.Cons: oh-oh-oh-very low.To put it mildly, our roads are not important, out of habit, I changed two oil pans in the first month (well, and, accordingly, the oil the same number of times),
which are also made of aluminum (hatred for this element in the periodic table is slowly growing every day!). At first, driving up to the entrance of his home, he caught himself looking for where else to go. Everything is convenient and intuitive – the finger reaches where it is needed. Then he calmed down. Reliability: on the engine – no complaints. My precious body did not experience any push or discomfort. Security: last winter, one of the road users lost control and drove into my front right fender. The "raisin" of the model is that the body is primarily aluminum: plus – no corrosion, minus – the price and the impossibility of straightening. Even being a representative of the well-known brand "Maserati" on the Ukrainian market, I prefer German cars, regardless of their cost The feeling was – as if the car just lost its trajectory, and shifted to the left. Nothing creaks, although the age is decent, the plastic is soft and solid. Comfort: got behind the wheel – and drove off. Confidence in German manufacturers, both in terms of build quality and finishing materials. Engine diagnostics in our city is completely absent – I traveled around five services before the reason was found out (the antifreeze temperature sensor simply failed), the repair, as it turned out, took five minutes (in one service they offered to change the fuel pump – like they have a sore spot :)) . And to this day it looks solid and modern, the design is beyond praise.

Audi A6 reviews

A very successful model, especially the quad and the Tronic box, a good car, I’m selling because I bought a higher class. I agree that the accident was not serious, but since then the feeling that I am in a safe car has not left me. And now actually about the car: The first days – just puppy joy.