Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)

We strongly believe in the idea that ‘diversity is an opportunity’. People with diverse thoughts and unique ideas are highly encouraged. The Company assures an enabling environment where individuals from different cultural backgrounds can easily jell to achieve common objectives and shared goals.


The Company is committed to equal opportunity employment. It accepts the obligation as a member of the community-at-large and to exercise an active nondiscrimination as an employer. Employment decisions are made by providing equal opportunity and access on the basis of qualification and merits. The Company ensures that fair, consistent, effective and efficient recruitment and selection practices exist in hiring the most suitable candidates. We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset and to get their commitment and efforts, our Company firmly believes in providing them conducive environment and making them feel a sense of security. Currently, Company runs various retirement benefit funds and also provides different insurance plans/schemes for its employees to financially secure them and/or their family in the event of any mishap.


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