Lincoln Aviator Reviews

I bought the car in June 2008. in Moscow, he was from Arkhangelsk and immediately after registration, he went on vacation on it. Impressions are only positive cars comfortably 2400 km. 3 people passed the way without any special stops without difficulty. and a child. The car on the road was very pleasing, the dynamics of acceleration for a car in 2.3 tons. impressive even on hills, which helped a lot to overtake on roads with oncoming traffic (before that there was a Land Cruiser 100 4,2D). Fuel consumption on the highway was 14-15 l / 100 km.

05.08.2008 I bought a car in June 2008. in Moscow, he was from Arkhangelsk and immediately after registration, he went on vacation on it. Impressions only positive cars comfortable. more

American Premium SUV. What else can be added? Brutal appearance, powerful engine, expensive leather, heated and cooled seats and branded clock on the dashboard. The dynamics are amazing. Sound from the V-shaped eight in 4.6 liters. volume – just a song. The feeling of a set of the first space and the comfort of a home sofa. In it, even traffic jams are less annoying. You forgive him everything. And gluttony, and tax, and a long wait for spare parts. And this is not a delight from a new toy – it’s the second year since the purchase.

07/07/2014 American premium SUV. What else can be added? Brutal appearance, powerful engine, expensive leather, cooled and heated seats and branded. more

I took my car in 2008, and I still drive it, tk. I can’t find a replacement for her. Everything suits me in it!

04/05/2016 I took my car in 2008, and I still drive it, because I can’t find a replacement for her. Everything suits me in it! more

I wanted to try this car for a long time. I was attracted by its finished and brutal appearance, in the pictures on the Internet the interior looked very good. Power, taxes and fuel consumption never stopped me, so I slowly sold my Grand Cherokee, read the reviews about the Lincoln and went to choose them. And to choose, I’ll tell you, there was not much. I started ringing through ads – the first car in Kaliningrad is being customs cleared, the second – with an unsuccessfully lined muzzle, another one – a mileage of 250,000 km. The rest are fabulous and unreasonably expensive. There was only one option that suited me. The photos are indistinct, when I went to look at it – I thought that the car was a corpse. But everything turned out to be completely different. Not a single painted part, 2 owners in TCP and regular dead tires. Immediately drove into the sink and diagnostics, the owner threw off 70 thousand, and after spending a sleepless night the next day I took the car. By the way, the pre-sale diagnostics revealed the replacement of the upper levers, brakes and some rollers, there were also errors in the automatic transmission – I thought that this was due to the frequent wheel slips in the snow porridge, the machine went nuts. For 2 months of ownership, I didn’t change anything, I didn’t even touch the rubber that was killed. Well, now in more detail what this car is like. The appearance is a classic American SUV. The Aviator is a smaller copy of the Navigator. Outwardly, they are very similar, especially the front. They are often confused, and I myself am in the stream, sometimes I do not immediately understand what kind of car is nearby – Aviator or Navigator. The interior is also
small copy of the Navigator. When you sit in the salon, you feel like a man. The seats are very comfortable, trimmed with high-quality leather to the touch. The steering wheel is leather with wooden inserts, and wood is also present around the perimeter of the cabin. Optitronnaya instrument lighting – very pleasing to the eye. The quality of finishing materials is just on top – everything is pleasant to touch and tap. )) I really liked the closure for the radio with the inscription "Lincoln". In general, inside the car you feel like on a holiday. By options – there is everything you need: 3-zone climate, heating and ventilation of the front seats, cruise, light and rain sensors, music and climate control are controlled from the steering wheel, 3rd row of seats, standard xenon, fog lights, turn signals in mirrors, etc. What I didn’t like was the seat back adjustment. How is it, all the adjustments are electric, including the lumbar selection, there is a memory of the seats, and the backrest, by the way, is regulated by a fucking lever. Well, of course, the steering wheel only moves up and down – the Americans do not know how to do it differently. The pedals also move electric back and forth, but with my height of about 180 cm, the pedals are constantly pushed all the way back, and this is on all machines. So for me the adjustment is useless. Well, to hell with her. The interior is spacious enough for my height, there is enough space in the back, a large trunk. It is also a feature of cars with the 3rd row of seats – it never turns out to be a flat floor in the trunk. And if you fold the second row, then in general everything is crooked and askew, but you can still throw rubbish.
interior advantages of the car do not end there. How does he ride!! Is a song! Of course, the acceleration is very frisky, the 5-speed automatic snaps gears cheerfully, the car just jumps forward. Overtaking – no problem at any speed. Brakes predictably. But that’s not the point. I really liked the work of the suspension. Despite the fact that the suspension is not pneumatic and without any pumping there – simple shock absorbers and springs – the car goes through all the bumps very gently and smoothly. Of all the cars I’ve owned, the Aviator has the best speed bumps. At the same time, there are no strong buildups characteristic of the American auto industry. Excellent sound insulation allows you to whisper in the cabin. For driving performance – a solid 5! We can definitely say that driving is a pleasure. Of course, this is not the drive of a sports car, but a sense of calm, safety and the absence of extraneous irritants. All this positive atmosphere is organically complemented by high-quality acoustics with a regular subwoofer – it plays as it should. The disadvantages clearly include the lack of an anti-skid system, a couple of times I almost lost control. Also in the red is the patency of the car. All-wheel drive is permanent here, there is neither reduced nor locks. In the snow, it rows diagonally with wheels – a clean SUV. Several times I almost got stuck in the yard and at the dacha in seemingly harmless ambushes. Off-road is not his element, unequivocally. In terms of fuel consumption – in the city about 18, the highway is around 12-13 liters. For all the time
operation had 2 problems. The automatic transmission selector was wedged, the lock button was stuck. Familiar mechanics went through everything and fixed it. Also, one fine evening, I could not leave the parking lot of the supermarket under its own power. The starter solenoid relay has screwed up. Nothing serious and a cheap repair, but I had to ride on a tow truck. In a separate paragraph I want to compare Aviator and Ford Explorer. In short, with the seeming similarity and single-platform nature of these cars, it is not worth comparing them. Ford wasn’t around. I had a chance to ride a few thousand at the Dealership Express in 2005 with a mileage of 100,000 km. Very well maintained and serviced. Ford’s appearance is worse, especially the sirloin is awkward. Ford is smaller, so the cabin is a little cramped, or more precisely, narrowly. The interior itself is miserable, despite the complete set of Limited, Ford is uncomfortable. Trimmed with poor plastic, do not understand which buttons. In terms of driving performance, the Ford is also inferior. I have never met a more rolled car than the Explorer – it’s scary to drive it, as if it’s about to roll over. And this despite the fact that all the shock absorbers are new. In terms of acceleration, Ford is very nimble for its 240 forces – this is a plus. Well, as in all Americans – the fit is quite comfortable, the back and other parts of the body do not get tired. This is for those who doubt the choice between these two cars – no doubt. ))) I really liked the car, I didn’t want to sell it quickly, I thought I’d skate for at least a year. We drove several cars with trailers for the New Year holidays to the Volga in
Yaroslavl region – Lincoln behaved best of all on a chipped, ice-covered county road. Fuel consumption in an extra-urban cycle with a trailer (inside a snowmobile and several cans of fuel) – 14 liters. But there were problems with the box. There were slippages during intensive acceleration between 1st and 2nd and 2nd and 3rd gears.

13.03.2011 I wanted to try this car for a long time. I was attracted by its finished and brutal appearance, in the pictures on the Internet the interior looked very good. Power, cash more

An aircraft with a business class cabin.

Good afternoon everyone. I have owned this car for no more than 4 months and, in principle, there is already something to share. I’ll try to be objective. A little before stories. I was puzzled by the purchase of an SUV more than six months ago. I considered it according to the criteria: bu 2003-2005, reliability, inexpensive service staff (relatively), roomy, comfortable and more or less modern interior, passivity to theft, preferably not a "truck" since there is no special need to go beyond the roads, and it is an American. Like many motorists, I really respect famous brands such as BMW, Merc, Toyota, etc., etc. deserve respect, and for the dynamic performance and of course for the charisma. But the maintenance of these brands X5, ML, RX and Kruzaks more than covers the discussed annual tax of a high-volume American :)) Fuel consumption. and by the way 95 -98 marks. "Plus" to this is the activity and interest in these brands of people who are not particularly worried about someone else’s property. This is to my criterion for choosing an American. Considered and searched for "beloved" 🙂 almost 6 months: Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Tahoe and Blazer, Lincoln Aviator and Navigator, Jeep, Dodge. Chevrolet, Dodge, Cadillac "left" the list for the sole reason of the "clumsy" interior a la the beginning of the 90s. An impressive appearance, but the same opposite mood arises when you are in the cabin of these cars. I don’t argue at all