I noticed that QR codes are now gaining popularity. They appear on many sites and not only. How can they be used to install applications on the Android operating system?

I want my new phone to last as long as possible while looking its best. What advice can you give me?

What is the first step to take if the phone falls into the water?

People, what can you say about used phones? How dumb is it to buy them and is such money saving justified at all?

I bought a new mobile phone to replace my very old "writhing". I want it to serve me as long as possible, so I’m wondering if it is necessary now to carry out several full charge / discharge cycles of the battery in order to bring it to maximum performance?

How can I turn off the automatic shutdown of the phone when the battery is completely discharged?

Not even on the radio market. Very necessary!

There’s been a lot of talk about cell phone viruses lately. Do they really exist, and if so, how dangerous are they?

In principle, I am not against the civilized practice of purchasing applications in the Android Market online store for money. The only question is how to pay?

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What is the best way to organize control over the consumption of mobile traffic in the Android operating system?

In my tariff plan, the Internet is quite expensive, and my smartphone is constantly sending, forwarding, synchronizing something. Tell me how you can turn off the Internet in the Android operating system?

The phone on which operating system should I choose? What are the pros and cons of each. Where are the most good applications. And if it is clear that iOS is the leader, then what, for example, if we compare Bada and Windows Phone 7?

Before, I owned ordinary phones and was not afraid of viruses, with the purchase of a smartphone, I began to fear. I already installed one antivirus, but I want to know if it makes sense to install another antivirus?